Our Philosophy

Alltac has a strong commitment to sourcing the highest quality materials to ensure unequalled performance, quality and reliability. To ensure continuing quality, greater control of manufacturing and higher investment, the creation of Alltac’s own research and production development facilities became essential. The centre was established 6 years ago in Braeside, Victoria in response to meet the needs of the Australian market.

Alltac’s success has been achieved by building long term relationships with customers and maintaining the highest possible levels of innovation, responsiveness, reliability, quality, service and the ability to supply on time. We are committed to working with our clients to develop solutions for challenging designs and budget constraints.

Alltac is based on four pillars, namely:

Continual Innovation and Product Development

Alltac maintains its focus by re-investing profits in Research and Development, in up grading supply manufacturing facilities by:

  1. Designing products with Australia’s diverse climate requirements in mind. Be that applications in ice, snow, dust, salt and rain.
  2. Continually improving manufacturing standards and processes.

Customer Focus

We consult with our customer to determine their specific requirements in order to provide the best product solution to meet their needs.

Quality Assurance

We ensure strict levels of quality assurance for any product manufactured or distributed throughout Australia and overseas. Sourcing the highest quality materials available and ensuring we do not compromise quality over cost.

Guaranteed Service Standards

We recognise the importance of post-sale service, maintenance and support; Alltac Australia is committed to maintaining its excellent levels of high quality customer service. We remain determined to minimise long term maintenance of installed products, offering up to 25 year warrantees which is unsurpassed in Australian flooring/tactile industry.

Research and Development

Alltac Australia focuses on ongoing Research and Developmet and has invested over 5% of turnover into Research and Development projects. Alltac is able to meet the changing needs of the market and bring customers a real lead-time advantage over our competitors in the acquisition and application of new technology as well as any new enhancements the in raw materials sourced for the manufacturing process. The continuing expansion, enhancement and development of the Alltac product range ensures that we keep abreast of the changing industry standards and market expectation.

The Alltac Allstar/Bar is a great example of the perfect Australian designed product to suit all Australian conditions.

Alltac’s Design Philosophy

The special design philosophy:

  • Design high quality, cost effective products that meet the demanding needs for Tactile Indicators & Stair Nosing products in the Building, Manufacturing, Mining, Petrochemical and all other markets/Industries.
  • The real needs of the customer have to be addressed at all stages of the design process. Allsafe actively seeks input from the marketplace as to their requirements.
  • All Allsafe products must reflect the performance and quality requirements of the customer for today and the future. This is incorporated into the design rationale of the Research and Development Team.
  • Product development must take into account the company philosophy of providing the "Total Solution" and all quality options available to satisfactory service our market.
  • Alltac’s commitment to quality in both materials and service applies for all products.
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Alltac is a family owned and operated Australian business

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